Pipeline CAMAC: CC/NET Software archives  (Nov 6, 2006)

  1. USB: - CC/NET USB Linux System
       USB CompactFlash(Sarge version)

       USB Hard Disk(Sarge version)
  2. Diskless: - CC/NET Diskless Linux System
       a base package including all the necessary files for a root file system
       FedoraCore3(Heidelberg) Server、 Debian3.1(Sarge) Client:
       RedHat9(Shrike) Server、 Debian3.0(Woody) Client:
       Solaris 8 Server、 Debian3.0(Woody) Client:
       Debian3.0(Woody) Server、 Debian3.0(Woody) Client:
       CC/NET Diskless Client: GRUB

         See article on my Work Page for details of how to build a diskless system
         of Fedora Core Linux .

  3. Stand alone: - CC/NET CompactFlash Linux System
       Debian GNU/Linux 3.1(Sarge version)
       Debian GNU/Linux 3.0(Woody version)
       Scientific Linux CERN 3 (SLC3)
  4. Live CD: - CC/NET KNOPPIX System for System recovery
       Debian GNU/Linux 3.1(Sarge version)
       Debian GNU/Linux 3.0(Woody version)

       Scientific Linux CERN 3(SLC3)

CAMAC kits
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  4. 関連情報: CC/NET紹介のページ
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