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VMEbus and CAMAC for PC/Linux

  • VMEbus
    KEK Online group established a Data Aquistion System using VMEbus based on BIT3 model 617/616. Nakayoshi who belongs to KEK Online group, talked on "Development of VMEbus-based Data Acquisition System on PC/Linux" at JPS, September 1997. There are the transparencies; 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
    The details are in vmelib for Linux.

    Many CAMAC interfaces are available on PC/Linux-based Data Acquisition System. Those developments were done in collaboration with KEK Online Group.
    1. Kinetic system
      This System was developed for utilizing CAMAC Controller Type K3922 on PC/Linux. The Controller was used at KEK so far. Available CAMAC Interfaces are;
      1. K2915 for PCI-K3922 interface
      2. K2927 for ISA-K3922 interface
      Tanaka group in Department of Electrical Engineering, Nagasaki Institute of Applied Science (NIAS) continues to develop the system.
    2. TOYO CC7x00 system
      This system was developed for utilizing cheaper CAMAC inteface/controller than Kinetic's ones at Universities, in which CAMAC interface with NEC PC was used. CC7x000 CAMAC systems are available on IBM PC/Linux now. Available CAMAC Interfaces are;
      1. ISA interface for CC7000
      2. ISA interface for CC7700
      3. PCI interface for CC7700
      Shimizu group in Deparment of Physics, Yamagata University continues to develop the system. The distribution kit is available.
    3. HOSHIN CCP system
      This system was developed for utilizing CAMAC, TKO and VMEbus systems by a computer interface. Available CAMAC Interfaces are;
      1. CCP-TKO and CCP-CAMAC
      Neutrino Experiment group(E362) developed for using the system. The details are in the WEB site; http://psux1.kek.jp/~kohama/ccp/ccp.html

    Data Acquisition Software : UNIDAQ

    UNIDAQ is a software framework, which was developed by KEK, Tokyo Institute of Technology, University of Michigan and SSCL for SSC experiment. UNIDAQ was used on the workstation connected to VMEbus and CAMAC first. But, It is also used on VMEbus board computer and PC computer as portable DAQ software now. The Home Page is http://www-online.kek.jp/~online/Unidaq/default.htm. For PC/Linux, http://www.elc.nias.ac.jp/~daq/software/ is available. Here is a bug report related to the buffer manager, NOVA.

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